We’re David + Lorraine Barwick

Husband and wife, and founders of Barwick Living

Build green. Live clean™

David (a.k.a Dave) has an electrical and building licence and is Clean Energy Council accredited.  With over 15 years experience and an eye for detail, your project will be taken care of from the electrical to building for home improvements – start to finish. He is the “BUILD GREEN” of the team.

Lorraine (a.k.a Loz) is an award-winning Accredited Exercise Physiologist with ESSA (Exercise & Sports Science Australia) and has a background working in Cardiac Rehabilitation for NSW Health. With over 10 years experience in the health industry, Loz is the “LIVE CLEAN” of the duo and has now started to translate her in-person work to the online environment, creating StandUpHealth.com.


Where we’re going…


“Build green. Live clean™ is about making homes more comfortable + lives healthier = saving you time and money”


Together the Build green. Live clean™ team bring you innovative home and health solutions for your busy life, making life just that little bit easier, sustainable and more comfortable.

Barwick Living is a lifestyle company for home and health improvement services based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.


Barwick Living